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HR Empowerment

This special invitation only program is 1:1 coaching tailored to your specific HR career goals. Design the goal that is most important to you, then receive bi-weekly coaching & mentorship for 6 months to accelerate your progress. 

Grow your HR career

This is for you if

  • You want to make a larger impact 

  • You want to develop more confidence 

  • You want to speak up more in meetings

  • You want to be a leader 

  • You want to influence your peers, leaders or non-direct reports 

  • You want to maximize your potential 

  • You want to accelerate your next promotion 

  • You want to learn executive presence 

  • You want get or stay energized inside and outside your career 

  • You want to prioritize wellness 

Design Your HR Goal

Your goal will be as unique as you are. We dive deep to uncover your true goals. Unlock your biggest goal. We can go after your 6-month promotion, becoming a people leader, or just claiming your seat at the table - You decide! 


Feel Empowered

Feel empowered to do big things in your HR career! Take on the big projects, influence senior leaders, use your voice & speak up more! The possibilities are endless. You will feel empowered to the big and small things that accelerate your career.

Tools for Your Transformation

Get tools specific to your needs. Tools that will help you in the short term and long after coaching. Get tools specific to HR success from an HR leader. They will support your accountability and sustainability of your goals. 


The investment: $3000
with payment plans available

My ROI on Coaching

March 2020: I received my first coaching session
I developed my executive presence as a HR leader
I spoke up more in meetings 
I used my new confidence to influence and make decisions

I faced some of my biggest HR challenges with only 2 years of experience
September 2020: I was promoted 
Continued coaching and developed new goals, doubled down on my strengths 
September 2021: I was promoted again 
Continued Coaching  and developed new goals, achieved them
March 2023: I was promoted again with my highest increase of 25%

I received $52k in base salary over 5 years.

I did this all with only 5 years of direct HR experience, an open mind and a coach. I didn't need to wait for a master's degree or obtain multiple certifications.

If you want to take control of your career next steps, you will need to develop your best skills and gain confidence in your ability to play bigger!

You can do this! 

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