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Let me guess, you are feeling...





You've sent out countless applications, but the silence is deafening. You feel trapped, unsure of your next move.

You don't know if you need an HR degree or certification to make your move happen. You constantly ask "what am I missing?"

Constantly updating resumes and applying, yet the results are elusive. The effort is draining, and you're feeling exhausted.



It seems like recruiters want exact experience so you might as well take a pay cut and start from scratch. 

And you are ready to...

Have a meaningful career in HR 

Work in a career you love and are passionate about 

Help people 

Pivot or move up in HR (w/o taking a pay cut)

Does this sound familiar? 

  • You dread your current role, but also dread the job search process

  • You have worked with a resume writer or updated your resume multiple times with no results 

  • You have applied 100s of roles with instant rejections

  • You seem to do well in the interview but eventually get ghosted

  • You think that maybe you should take a pay cut to get the job you want 

  • You know you want a more fulfilling career in HR

What if I told you...

  • You don't need an HR degree or certification 

  • You could make more money than you are right now

  • You don't have to apply to 100s of roles to land an offer

  • You can feel more confident with your non-traditional skills and how they are desired in HR

  • All of this is possible in 90 days or less

Hi, I am LaShaunique

HR Career & Leadership Coach

I pivoted to HR in 90 days. I  had zero experience in HR. I had no HR degree or certification. I only had my years of retail experience. After my successful pivot, I started coaching others who wanted to chart similar paths. 


I quickly realized that my peers were struggling and taking many more months or even years to pivot. 


As soon as I shared my formulas everything changed! So I haven't stopped sharing so people like you can finally land the role of their dreams! 

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Primed for Pivot or Promotion 

Your mentorship is tailored to your unique goals and background. However, we will cover the following: 

What we cover

  • Learn how to market yourself as an HR professional 

  • Gain clarity on the exact role you desire 

  • Bring out your best skills & competitive advantage

  • Speak the right HR language

  • Honor your non-negotiables

  • Make sure you are applying for roles that are worth your time

  • Ensure you have a solid brand that represents you & what you want to attract

  • Get connected to people already in your network

  • Enjoy your targeted networking strategy 

  • Focus on the hidden job market vs. applying into the endless job application market

  • Overcome common interview mistakes & impress your interviewers

  • Bring ease and fun to your interview process 

  • Negotiate a salary without taking an undesirable pay cut

This is for you if...

  • You have 5+ years of work experience

  • You have transferable skills

  • You want to take ownership of your career

  • You are tired of wasting your time 

  • You are ready to make the investment necessary to land your dream HR career

This is not for you if...

  • You are unsure if HR is for you 

  • You want to keep mass applying for jobs with no strategic approach

  • You are not ready to invest your time, energy or resources to land your role


Enjoy 3 months of support 

1-hour sessions bi-weekly 

Access via Whatsapp for support in-between sessions

Craft Your Unique HR Brand

Take your undeniable strengths and translate them to the HR role you are searching for. Then design a clear and cohesive HR brand for your resume, Linkedin, and interviews  

Attract companies you actually want

Take your non-negotiables and skills to design a list of companies that you would want to work for. And align those with companies who would jump at what you already have to offer

Impress in Your Interview

Take control of the interview process. Bring ease so you show up as the best version of you. Impress in the first 5 minutes of your interview with your concise career story. Have an answer for every question and leave no doubts for your interviewer

Enjoy Networking 

Develop a networking strategy that leverages the network you have and does not drain you. Get closer to the 'hidden job market' and the companies you want so you get to real roles faster than your peers



"I was able to confidently step into my HRBP role from HR Operations with LaShaunique's guidance. As a Latina woman, she challenged me to add my personal stamp and to be confident in my leadership. And I received a 20% increase."


"A BIG thank you. I landed a role with a 44% increase in less than a month. Honestly, your coaching was crucial in this, spending time crafting my marketable story got my juices flowing on what I actually wanted to do next."


“I finally feel overwhelmed in a great way. Without you I would not have landed a role I am excited about and with a $20k increase in 2 months. And I almost took a huge pay cut for a role I didn't want before working with you.”

The investment:
$1500 paid in full
$375 monthly

My clients have received up to 16x this amount in salary increases. 

Don't delay the income you desire and deserve. 

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