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Helping You Land Your HR Role With Ease

In 90 days or less even with a non-traditional background & without an HR degree or certification

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Oh hey! 

I am so glad you landed here.  

If you are struggling to finally land the HR role of your dreams, check out my story.

I am currently a Global HR Business Partner supporting a large and growing organization. But I didn't start in HR! 

After 5 years in retail including sourcing and retail management, I longed to be in HR. My heart yearned to balance my love of business needs and people needs.


I left retail - without a job - and found an HR role in 3 months! Yes, 3 months and many people said it would not be possible in less than 6 months. I did not have an HR degree or certification. 


And I have had success being promoted 4 times in 5 years, with a 45% increase in pay! 


And more importantly, I am doing exactly what I love. I just want to help others get re-energized in their careers by providing a way to manage the obstacles.

Featured in 

Discover the unique and valuable features that set My Site apart from the competition. We are committed to providing exceptional service and exceeding your expectations.


as resident expert 

Habits, Wellness and Growth for Black Women


Land Your HR Role in 90 days or less


Accelerate Your HR Career Search 

even without the 'exact' experience or

HR degree/certifcation

What You'll Learn:

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  • 3 Marketing strategies that have recruiters knocking down your door and lead to multiple job offers

  • Secrets that my paid clients use to get jobs w/o applying online

  • Show up to interviews with show-stopping confidence 

  • Proven marketing formula that is so impressive it will land you a $20k-$40k promotion

Our Clients Say

Woman with Long Hair
A big big thank you! I landed the role, with a 44% base increase!
Honestly your coaching was crucial in this, spending time crafting my marketable story really got my juices flowing on what I ACTUALLY wanted to do next, and I was able to narrow down the possibilities and be the driver.
It also helped me reflect on which of my projects to focus on and highlight for the interview process.
I finetuned my brand and ensured I stayed on brand when interviewing.
I was able to weed out roles/orgs that we not going to be a good fit.
I am so happy to be making a jump that is right in all aspects not just for my resume.

Caroline, HRBP

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